Sara Pierce PIH Practitioner

Presence in Healing Instructor

In my integrative philosophy I welcome the idea that abundance begets abundance. Each method I am influenced by has offered  me a window into “partial truths”. And, that when these are applied synergistically with others, the fruits are multiplied exponentially. I deeply believe in the idealistic view of many paths, one destination.


“To move the world we must first move ourselves.”



I have had the great pleasure to learn from a number of gifted Teachers in the fields of medicine, physical therapy, Myofascial Release, Integrated Awareness®, Craniosacral therapy, sensory processing, communication, development, family systems, movement, coaching, integrative healing and recovery. Being with children over the last 30 years, with and without individual differences, led to the co-development of Parents Go First and AKID, a guide for seeking services for children, and ultimately to the co-authored book, Being With Children As We Are.

My greatest teacher has been my life experience with the incredible support and love of my family and allies. For this I am grateful. To explore the world of disabilities and differences, families and communities, and chronic conditions (including recovery) has brought me immeasurable joy and insight. And I am fortunate to be able to teach classes and offer sessions in a variety of places, including active practices in Florida and Maine as well as workshops and retreats around the country.

  In my practice, I aim to:

  • Introduce an intelligent component that strengthens the inner working of the body 
  • Offer core stability in multiple levels of consciousness
  • Include more parts of self in greater congruence providing flexibility and possibility that is about opening, letting go and choice
  • Encourage breath, connection and resulting awareness that is integrative in nature
  • Model and encourage joy, playfulness, and a cultivation of a body and spirit that is happy and at ease.

My practice includes teaching self-healing and stress management through sessions and classes in the healing arts, therapeutic massage, distance coaching, stress management consultations and presentations. The foundation of my work is Presence in Healing and I bring the techniques of craniosacral, myofascial, neuromuscular, subtle energy, meditation, mindful conversation and other healing modalities to hands on sessions and classes. I also offer therapeutic water sessions.