About Jean Kahn PIH Practitioner


Presence in Healing Teacher

Movement is central to my life.  As a Presence in Healing Instructor, I bring many different teachings into my work including Neural Manipulation from the Barral Institute, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Biosyntonie®, cranial work and energy healing modalities.


“To move the world we must first move ourselves.”



Starting with a BA from UCSB and a MA from UCLA, I performed and taught dance at the university level for 20 years. When debilitating neck and back pain threatened to end my career as a dancer, I turned to holistic healing modalities, including Integrated Awareness (IA) and the Presence in Healing community (PIH).

Along the way I also obtained training in kinesiology, structural manipulation, cranio-sacral therapies, Bodynamics, SelfQuesting, chakras, and work with entities.  My studies helped me work with and overcome physical and emotional injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries sustained through several car accidents.

AND I AM STILL DANCING.  My goal is to facilitate self-discovery and self-healing in my clients.  I work intuitively, sensing the underlying factors contributing to a client’s dis-ease and then offering appropriate techniques to address their issues. My clients have reported greater range of motion, release of emotional blockages, and resolution of past trauma.

It is my aim to diminish suffering and increase mobility in my clients to open the way to new life choices.

I offer customized hands-on and coaching sessions, specializing in chronic pain and traumatic brain injury. Let me help you on your path of recovery as my teachers have helped me.