discover for yourself

Individual bodywork and coaching sessions are generally 60-75 minutes long, beginning with conversation stating your desires for change.  Your request may be physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual or functional in nature.  Whether the session is in-person or on Zoom, coaching or bodywork you are encouraged to discover for yourself and experience in your body and being, meaningful steps forward in addressing the requested goal or expansion.

In a bodywork session, you are fully clothed on a massage table, although some portion may be done in sitting, standing or moving, depending on your preference and the flow of the session.  The session includes intuitively-guided physical touch, offering direct non-verbal communication with the nervous system and helping to clear habitual patterns of restriction at all levels.

Coaching sessions use mindfulness and somatic (body) awareness, to provide a guided opportunity to explore how to create positive change in your life.  With the goal of helping you achieve what you want more of in life, the coach assists you to be present, in congruence and in integrity with yourself.

Presence in Healing is an outgrowth of many touch modalities and skill sets.  Your teacher uses the perceptions and perspectives of Presence in Healing while bringing their unique skills to each session.

In COVID times, individual sessions that might have otherwise been in-person table sessions may also be offered by phone.  In this modified format, you can still expect to experience much of the same increase in self-awareness and deep insight that typically emerge on the table.