Sally Churgel PIH Practitioner

Presence in Healing Instructor

My mission is to help galvanize more joy in the world through helping you listen to the innate wisdom of your body and the communication from your soul in order to be your brightest self. I am most passionate to help you (re)connect to your heart, body, brain and soul for daily experiences and expressions of joy.


My passion for joy as our birthright gives me the focus for trans-forming emotional pain through the body.


Personal explorations have allowed me to know all too well the many permutations of pain including divorce, death of loved ones, losing a home, car and bicycle accidents, decades of physical discomfort, and fear of success. I’ve come to accept that this pain is human and so is our joy. I still have challenging moments. The difference is, I now have tools to re-access my joy and return to a more even keel with appreciation and calm.

My business, Call to Joy, is designed for those who yearn to live life fully and in a continuum of joy as the base note rather than as a rare and random experience

I offer classes and private sessions in-person and virtually.

My toolbox for bringing others into joy includes: 23 years of teaching Integrated Awareness® and Presence in Healing, advanced classes in Internal Family Systems, Emotional Brain Training, Positive Neuropsychology, as well as Heartmath, Soul Collage creation, art therapy, and many hours bicycling and dancing Argentine Tango (my most grueling teacher for being embodied and balanced).

My work has always come from a somatic orientation but my passion for joy as our birthright gives me the focus for transforming emotional pain through the body. The inherent preference of the body to release, the brain’s natural plasticity, and the emotional and spiritual energies of the body, can easily be accessed through touch and guided dialogue using this deep inner wisdom.