Marilyn Graham PIH Practitioner

Presence in Healing Instructor

As an athletic child, I appreciated how good it felt to move my body. Later, as an inherent need to resolve old trauma and find greater inner peace became the driving force, I was drawn to body-centered modalities as stepping stones to greater physical well-being, self-awareness and emotional clarity.



I love interacting with the body’s native intelligence.

My life has been blessed with excellent teachers, and as I’ve pursued my own personal growth, I’ve accumulated a broad variety of approaches for helping others as well.

My toolbag includes principles and inspiration from numerous modalities – from t’ai chi and the Alexander Technique® in the 1970s, to Integrated Awareness®, Zero Balancing®, Presence in Healing, SelfQuesting®, Reconnective Healing® and Hypnotherapy.

As a Presence in Healing teacher, I tend to address the physical structure – literally the bones and mechanics of movement – as a starting point. I love interacting with the body’s native intelligence and delight in how quickly it can incorporate useful input and open to greater freedom of movement and energetic expression– literally more choice.

I also engage with people’s sensory perceptions, memories, and imagination while highlighting their inner journey to bring about change at a deep level. I rely on the principles of physical and energetic movement along with heightened listening skills, in alignment with the client’s goals, to help tune the human instrument to its own innate harmonics and resonance with all of life. I offer classes and individual sessions, including remote healing and phone sessions.