Asha Baxter

Presence in Healing Instructor

Healing with loving-kindness. Healing starts in the heart. Heal the heart, and everything else heals. For this reason, healing the patterns of the deepest core wounds can open our heart and body to our life force. 

The healing work involves presence in your body, conscious awareness of your wounds, the liberation of the wounds, and openness to change.

You are meant to be living in your life purpose, in this present moment and not in the past dealing with old wounds. Wounds that no longer serve you. Whatever ailment comes into your body you can heal it with embodied awareness.


This is my life purpose.

I see what is really happening in the body, mind and spirit. Your body is talking, are you listening? I see the core wounds that any human being is carrying. I see those wounds and I see how easily those wounds can be healed.

If you get to the root of any illness healing can happen and will happen. It’s a magic pill called living embodied in your life purpose.

I am drawn to help others.  I see thousands of years in the past and see how other lives are negatively impacting your life now. I have a gift. Using this gift to help others. This is my life purpose.